April 2015

After a long extensive week of Coachella and visiting San Francisco I find myself recharged and ready to continue working. My second Coachella was a great experience with my friends, some of my favorite performances were Ratatat and Tame Impala. I was not sure if this years line up was going to be great but I ended up enjoying the festival. I walked lots and experienced great feelings. The art was pretty amazing and huge like always, I danced a lot and burn some of my youth away.

Right after week one in Coachella I went up north to the Bay area of San Francisco, I visited one of my best friends and had some great food. It was a great trip, as cheese as it sounds it did help me discover and take a peak at my inner subconscious for some deep answers. I am looking forward for this next chapter of opportunity.

Another subject that has awaken me besides the new Star Wars trailer is the conversations that @jeffsotoart always spark on facebook about art and what matters as far as balancing art/life/Passion/humbleness such an inspiration to hear true humble words from an amazing artist towards the industry and towards the junk art side of the force. Big respect and thankful for the advice.











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