[Combining forces from two eccentric groups of artists, this show highlights the best of Grand Rapids and Guadalajara – two unique hubs in the art world. Showcasing a mix of established artists and up-and-comers, this is certainly a show you will not want to miss.]- CON ARTIST

I will have a few never seen complete works, pretty exited to be showing with a group of international artist. Like is been said, this is a show that you should not miss this saturday june 23 2012.
So if you live here near the West Michigan area! COME ON OVER!
here are the details of the event GDLMXGRMI

Have a sweet day folks.
-Fredy Santiago

Artists From Guadalajara, Mx:
alfonso de anda
Lucila Rodarte
David Rocha
Christian Poiré
Rubén Alvarez
Raúl Pardo

Artist From Grand Rapids, MI
Scott Wygmans
Tom Jenkins
Peregrine angthius
Reuben Garcia
Ryan Brady
George Eberhardt
Erwin Erkfitz
Fredy Santiago
John Bailey
Adam Niemara

Also at this show, the artist group form Guadalajara will printing up a zine that will be released at the show. Entitled ” we wish you were mexican.”

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