Summer Gaze

Hey Folks! I know I haven’t showed any short of progress or what kind of work I am brewing lately. For the most part I kinda just want to drop the surprise and say! look! well here are some progress shots on a few of the many projects I am doing. Also for those who live in the Holland-West Michigan or just Midwest in general I will be making live art as a street performer… well I wont be juggling fire and drawing at the same time, but yes I guess trying it out wont kill me hehe, I will post more info on that on the next couple of days, Hope to see your faces soon and if not get wet at this 20 degree awesome lake Michigan. (Yes it will be warmer) Bigger things on the making! Colors are away! Also I am getting back into t-shirt business, I feel like I must contribute with culture and such, It was fun doing it as an experiment but now I wanna do it to share some fire and have fun.Here I have some old school stuff from a couple years ago, is fun to see how much I have grown and I still want to share that.

Here are new concepts that I have, still on the making so I will keep it in private.Looking at the basic essentials of how my work began and re-applying in with new ideas are a total eye opener with better guidance. Well I hope that you guys are excited as I am, paintings, illustrations, toys, and yes Tee-shirts!!!

– Fredy Santiago

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