Good bye Mi

It is the time of the year where everything piles up and gets kinda stressful, I have seen that is not only with me but with close friends and relatives, but I am thankful for everything and everyone that has come across my silly self. This is the year that I have learned so many things that are huge to me, improved my art, overcame struggles, and dedicated my time to make a change. For those who don’t quite know me I live in Michigan and this is the time that I go to the place where I grew up, Guanajuato Mexico, beautiful state (you should visit)

I will leave you here with my latest work done named “goodbye” and yes it contains some of my passions like vintage trucks, Michigan, cartoons, my color pink and done with love. Hope you guys enjoy it!
I also want to thank all you guys who take the time to follow my twitter and read my blog, it means the world to me. Thanks to Alexandra Johnson, Pat perry for always being there for me and loving me, and thanks to everyone else for being awesome friends.

Thanks for inspiring me everyone!
Happy Holidays
– Fredy Santiago

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