Making stickers was one of the things that I enjoy to design/make. when it comes to me making stickers it makes me think that I have never ever told the story of why I make them. First of all the art of the sticker began with the street art revolution a few decades ago, where aerosol, house paint, and paper with adhesive ruled the walls (which still rules) I always love that Idea of art been all over the place just to distract the viewers and make them question, What is this? Who made it? Why?

Besides that, I did this to meet new kids because at the moment we where all estrangers in this new life named college, no one really had friends for the first few weeks so I turned out to be the kid who talk to random kids asking for names, majors and giving stickers. Months later I started making “sticker packs” ( is in my first post on this blog) which were a good hit, I remember I took them to a few places to sell them to make more… months kept passing and I forgot that beautiful idea of making stickers. The reason that I walked away from that idea was because I wanted to make those stickers into shirts, since then I began planing “SUGAR COATED” which will become me, my art on t-shirts. The past week I’ve been surprised that a few friends have been making stickers, which it remind me of myself making things to make people smile and at the same time my motto comes in place “DENOTE NATURE” which I define it as the concept to make things, question minds, and inspire.

So all this made me realize that all this has been a good thing, now people call me sticker boy or by my name Fredy, so kids join this revolution! go out there, get sticker paper, doodle or print on it, give ’em away and Denote Nature.

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