Sugar Coated! Sneak Peek

Blah blah blah… this summer I did this, that, working…. well I would like to share a project that I am doing right now, I want to launch my new line of t-shirts pretty soon… I am gonna name it Sugar Coated! WHY? long story hahaha well it starts here, my passion to see great pieces of art had motivated me all my life, I want to start a brand doing something similar using this idea “INSPIRE DON’T EXPIRE- mega. SO I want Sugar Coated (SC) to be the celebration of making things colorful and awesome, also the appreciation that I have for those wild colors that street artist use to identify their expressions towards the world had motivate me to make things, things that don’t have to be perfect, things that don’t have to stick to anything in particular. Back to SC, whats the connection between T-shirts + street art or art that can be awesome to see and find it appealing, the way I see it is that both are tags and they move around crossing horizons even if they are in one certain spot, and guess what? I love that. Since artist pretty much stick to one or a few things in life I want to be attached to this, I want this to be my contribution to build the present and of course the future, people will say DUMB idea but I don’t care I want to see this baby grow!

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